Hello & Welcome!

Im Tegan! Photographer, Storyteller, Wife, and small child wrangler. Im a bit obsessed with beautiful golden evening light, driving with the windows down, and ending every written sentence with a smiley face :) (see!)

Ive been documenting family stories since 2010, and weddings since 2014. Watching new families form, old ones reunite, and new adventures begin is a huge privilege! You can expect to see me shedding a tear behind the camera at your wedding, and driving away with a huge grin on my face from the portrait session with your crazy 2 year old. Because while Im passionate about photography, Im HUGELY passionate about people!

I live in Lincoln, Canterbury with my (VERY patient) Husband, and run my wee business from my purpose built home studio (thank you patient husband!)

I'd absolutely love to meet you, and chat about your vision for your photography whether it be recording a special event, or just recording your real, raw, day to day lives. Please get in touch! xx Tegan


These are a few of my favorite things


Beautiful. Colourful. Flowers

Macro + Rings


This Goofball

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