Hayley & Alejandro- Engagement Shoot

It’s not often I blog an engagement shoot! (or blog for that matter!) But I can’t resist sharing this beautiful shoot, with these two incredible people!

Hayley and Alejandro are due to be married at the end of the month, so a few weeks ago we caught up for their ‘practice run’ engagement shoot. I see engagement shoots as about 1/3 getting-comfy-with-the-camera-boot-camp, 1/3 about building a relationship with your photographer, and 1/3 about creating pretty pictures in their own right. It’s pretty safe to say we ticked off all three! These two don’t take themselves too seriously, and our shoot was jam packed with giggles, teasing, and generally ridiculous behaviour. (Some of which you can see below) and I LOVED it!


These two have assured me that this photo (below) is going up on their wall hehe


Alejandro, and Hayley. You guys are the type of couple who have me pinching myself that I’m lucky enough to work with such incredible people! Don’t ever stop being your own funny, silly, gorgeous selves! I can’t wait for the wedding! xxxx Tegan

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