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As your wedding photographer, my goal is to not only capture your day in a creative, and real way, but to do whatever I can to add to your day, and make it even MORE amazing! This starts from the very beginning at our initial meeting where we go over your timeline for your day. We can talk about your vision for your photography, and more importantly, your vision for your wedding! Want to spend more time with your guests during cocktail hour? great! let’s make it happen. Want to bypass leaving your guests all together? Awesome! let’s discuss if we can build a ‘first look’ photo session into your timeline before the ceremony instead. The single most important thing on your wedding day is that you have the time of your lives! Let’s build your photography around that and not the other way around :)

Every wedding is totally unique (just as every couple is totally unique!) So I’ve done away with set cookie cutter wedding packages altogether. Your photography can be designed around your day, rather than the other way around. From a basic 6 hours covering all the basics to the must-have-it-all 12+ hours that tells your full wedding story. Let’s design you a package that suits you as perfectly as your one of a kind dress, or that masterpiece of a cake your Aunt is making (PS I’m getting some of that cake right!?)




As a photographer, (and a human being!) I’m totally in love with capturing love. (SOOOO CHEEESY!) My heart actually melts when I photograph a parent holding their child for the first time, and you better believe I’ll be sniffling and wiping away tears behind the camera during your vows, as well as suppressing the (STRONG) urge to laugh out loud, and clap for your speeches.

At times my job is to very much disappear into the background and simply capture all that is happening around me but the rest of your day, I’ll be there, heart and soul. Congratulating you, egging on the mischief the best boys are causing, and clucking over the wee flower girls. If you want someone detached and methodical, I might not be the photographer for you. When you think about it, your photographer is often the person you spend the most time with on your wedding day (other than your husband/wife of course) It may as well be someone who you genuinely like!



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