Mothers day 2018

What a massive, and incredible weekend we have had at the studio. We had 3 days jam-packed full of Pop-ins, and with over 170 babies, kids, mums & grandmothers photographed I’m feeling a tad tired, and very very grateful to have met, connected with & photographed so many amazing humans.

I was so touched by the excitement of everyone who took part! It’s not always easy to get in front of the camera as a grown-up, but I’m so glad that so many amazing mums took the time out of their weekend to create some special memories for themselves & their little people.

Once I caught my breath at the end of the weekend I was left thinking how lucky I am to get to meet and connect with so many beautiful humans. There were so many sweet, special, and hilarious moments over the 3 days. As much as I love my regular monthly pop-ins, photographing parents & children together has a huge piece of my heart, so THANK YOU gorgeous mums I hope you had a wonderful mothers day!

Heres a wee highlight video with a few of my faves from the weekend. Enjoy! xx

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