The Studio



Welcome to the studio!

This beautiful space has been the stuff of dreams for me for a very very very long time right from the moment my husband and I decided to make the move back to Christchurch from Melbourne 5 years ago. This dream finally became a reality a few months ago, when we moved into our new home. This space is purpose built to take advantage of the beautiful south facing natural light. As well as incorporating studio light, a client area/space for meetings, and a projection area for ordering appointments. Working out how to fit ALL of this into a 5.6×5.6m space was challenging! And I spent many late nights designing and redesigning the layout.

While I can still see things I’d like to tweak and change, and there is new artwork to go up at some point to make the best use of the walls. I’m still pretty thrilled with where it’s at right now.


This bookcase was a bit of a problem solving ‘gap filler’ designed to cover up our ugly fuse/fibre boxes on the wall. But Im actually so thrilled with it, and the warmth it adds to the space. Plus it gives me a place for my plants, and candles (and the occasional book!)

Camera cart= best purchase EVER! Holds cameras, spare lenses, wipes, noisy toys, and tickly sticks!

This custom made shelving was top of my list. In order to have a beautiful clean open space, you need a place to put EVERYTHING. This also does a great job of dividing up the huge box of a room.





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