A Beautiful Queensberry Wedding Album



There is nothing quite like getting a courier parcel, I love it!

So  you can imagine my excitement when this turned up the other day! Bianca and Chucks wedding album is hot off the press, just in time for Christmas! And BOY is it beautiful! Their wedding was especially special for me, as Bianca and Chuck are practically family.

So for me flicking through their wedding album bought back so many memories, and gave me a glimpse of how special these albums must be for the couples we create them for. An awful lot of work goes into bringing one of these albums to life, right from the photographing, designing, and many revisions to get it perfect (this means the couple actually puts quite a bit of time into it too!) Not to mention all the hours and hours put in by the wonderful people at Queensberry!


From a photographers perspective I can see how so many find it much easier not to offer albums, and hand over a disc instead. But I am slowly discovering this is SO much more rewarding! It may require more time and effort (don’t all the best things in life really!?) but to see images that you have created crafted into such a beautiful, tangible object is worth that time 10 fold! I know this album is not just a pretty object, it’s a future family heirloom that will serve as a lasting reminder of the wonderful day two people joined their lives together.

And that is part of my legacy as a photographer, to leave more than discs behind for the incredible people who let me into their lives (and their children)


Wow, when did this become such a deep post! I really just wrote this to brag about this pretty new thing that arrived the other day, and say how much I love getting surprises in the mail! ;)







Opening a Queensberry Album is honestly an experience in itself. If there is a company that understands the value of good presentation and quality packaging its Queensberry. The photos don’t do it justice, so if you haven’t seen one yet, go find someone who has one and oggle it! (just don’t drool on it, people don’t like that usually)











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